65 – New Archaeological Museum of Sparta, International Competition – Second Prize

65 – New Archaeological Museum of Sparta, International Competition – Second Prize

Project details

New Archaeological Museum in Sparta

The International Competition for the New Archeological Museum of Sparta addresses the need to house the rich archeological heritage of the city into a contemporary landmark. The site reveals various historical layers including ongoing excavations, part of an ancient road and an abandoned listed factory from the 60’s expected to participate in the new scheme. The proposal explores the concept of “philoxenia” (hospitality) aiming to create a warm reception for the people who visit, for the artifacts that are exhibited detached from their original location and for the building itself. The main exhibition hall is placed on the upper level forming a light volume that floats above ground detached from the factory building. Big openings allow direct views to the soft landscape to the east and to the imposing presence of Taygetos Mountain to the west. The facades are composed of perforated corten steel panels protecting from direct sunlight and creating a homogeneous surface with depth. The “mosaics plaza”, an elevated outdoor space connects the old building with the new. Visitors have the opportunity to orient themselves and make connections between history and place. A technological roof over the exhibition hall seeks to fulfill almost zero power consumption (NZEB) requirements.


Type: Public, Competition
Program: Museum, park
Location: Sparta, Greece
Year: 2019
Status: Architectural competition entry, Second Prize
Size: 9,500 m2 buildings, 28,800 m2 park
Design Team: ONOFFICE
Collaboration: M. Gerogiannaki, E. Demopoulou, P. Theodoropoulou, P. Kyriakopoulou, T. Pantazopoulou, A. Papamanolis, D. Petratou, A. Tsitsimbi.