59- Thematic Museum and Botanic Park

59- Thematic Museum and Botanic Park

Project details

Thematic Museum and Botanic Park

The competition aims to formulate architectural design and programming proposals for the rehabilitation of the listed “Germanina Estate” complex (19th century) and its incorporation into the contemporary urban life of Pafos. Proposed uses include a wide spectrum of visitor services, cultural, educational and leisure functions. The intention is to create a central, multifunctional core that concurrently preserves both the character of the landscape and the scale and typology of existing solids and voids. Event spaces, restaurants, a chapel, a theater and a themed museum dedicated to Aphrodite are sited on a single, multi-linear circulation stroke. A Botanical Park completes the proposal by spreading along the Museum rooftops and then circumscribing the entire estate. The Park takes the form of a florid, woven textile devoted to the Land of Cyprus. Subsections of the Park, differentiated with unique chromatic and morphological palettes, symbolize the natural topography of western Cyprus and the relationship between built and unbuilt, valleys and hills, land and sea, urban and agricultural landscapes.


Type: Public, Landscape, Renovation
Program: Museum, workshops, wellness center, restaurant, outdoor theater , botanic park
Location: : Geroskipou, Pafos, Cyprus
Year: 2013
Status: Architectural competition entry, First prize
Size: 4,500 m2 buildings, 27,000 m2 park
Design Team: ONOFFICE, M. Dimitroglou, P. Leventis, M. Aggelaki
Participation: G. Dimitrakopoulos, S. Politi, M. Karanasou