39 – Vacation House in Sounio

39 – Vacation House in Sounio

Project details

Vacation House in Sounio

The residence is located on a long and narrow sloped site, facing a view to the sea towards the southeast. A central path divides the site in several almost flat planters, one of them occupied by the one storey house. Big sliding doors allow the expansion of the living room towards the courtyard that is shaded with existing large pine trees. The living room becomes the center of the house and all the other rooms are located around it. The rest of the site is organized in levels providing space for a swimming pool and an orchard at the back, incorporating the existing pine trees into the design.


Type: Residential
Program: Single family house and garden
Location: Sounio, Attica, Greece
Year: 2006-2008
Status: Design development, supervision, completed
Size: 120 m2 building, 2200 m2 garden