27 – Athens Airport Duty Free Shops

27 – Athens Airport Duty Free Shops

Project details

Athens Airport Duty Free Shops

The extensive renovation of 1000 sq.m. existing shops and an addition of another 800 sq.m. new shopping facilities for the old Athens Airport, needed a new connecting architectural identity. Besides all graphics and labeling, certain architectural elements, forms and materials have been used to unify the new duty free gallery. Hanging wing-shaped lit entrance indicators, prefabricated windows and ad-holders, encased lit products and monitors, aluminum panel facades and oddly shaped glass displays gave a new unifying character. Specific use of artificial lighting and smart detailing in a custom made manner – but with an extensive fabricated production – added architectural quality with a lot of economy, due to the fact that the new Airport was to operate a year later. Some of the featured elements in that design were used successfully by the client in the New Airport of Athens.


Type: Commersial
Program: Shops-renovation and expansion
Location: East Airport, Athens, Greece
Year: 2000
Status: Interior design, construction management, completed
Size: 1800 m2
Design Team: ONOFFICE, OM Architecture