25 – Public Green Space Block 106

25 – Public Green Space Block 106

Project details

Public Green Space Block 106

Block 106 is located between a quiet residential suburb of Athens and a heavy traffic avenue. The site is surrounded by pedestrian streets while a natural slope blocks the noise from the highway forming an artificial hillside. Emphasis is given in maintaining the existing landscape, minimizing intervention, using softscape materials and providing mild recreational activities. The proposal suggests a central path that crosses the site and offers access to activity spaces, sitting areas and natural elements such as the central pond, organized in circular shapes of various sizes. The park is finally enriched with additional Mediterranean plants.


Program: Suburban park
Location: Filothei, Athens
Year: 2008
Architectural competition entry, honorary mention
13,000 m2
Design Team:
ONOFFICE, Daisy Ditsa, Aggela Dagla